Splintered, faded, stained, cracked bunker rake handles, flagpoles, stakes… and more?

Don’t paint them. Don’t replace them. VinylGuard them!



They’ll look better than new and last years longer!

VinylGuard shrink-wrap tubing is the ultimate renewal and protection solution for golf course equipment.

Apply a good-looking, better than new, low cost exterior-grade vinyl covering in just minutes with a heat gun. Refurbish and extend the life of:

•    Bunker Rake Handles
•    Hazard Stakes
•    Ball Washer Posts
•    Flagpoles
•    Out of Bounds Stakes
•    And more

End the cycle of seasonal replacements and maintenance with VinylGuard

VinylGuard will not fade, splinter, crack, nick, scratch or stain. It provides years of tough protection against damage from abrasion, exposure to sunlight, lawn chemicals and the elements – eliminating the need for expensive and frequent maintenance. Can last even longer than the original product.

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Low Cost
    • A spool covers 50-55 rakes for about R65.50 a handle with rubber grips adding about R17.00 per grip
    • A spool covers 35 half-inch flagpoles for about R80.00 a flagpole
  • Very Attractive and Highly Visible
    • Wide selection of bright colours
    • Colours match the popular brands of  flagpoles, rake handles and stakes
  • Extremely Durable
    • Easy to clean
    • Will not crack or fade
    • Will last for years
  • Quick and Easy to Apply, Remove and Replace

VinylGuard Products and Accessories

VinylGuard Shrink-Wrap Tubing

Restore, renew and eliminate annual replacements. Your equipment will last longer and look even better… bunker rake handles, flagpoles, ball washer posts, stakes, markers and more.


VinylGuard shrink-wrap and caps come in bright, highly visible colours that match the popular brands of flagpoles, rakes and stakes.

Matching Caps for Stakes and Posts

Round Caps

Square Caps

Round Ring Caps

Flagpole Accessories

Hot Spot Reflective Rangefinder Top Nuts

Long-lasting Ferrules

User-friendly Top Nuts

Do-it-yourself Rangefinder
Reflectivity Kits

Bunker Rake Accessories

Bunker Rake grips & Bunker Rake Labels

Laser Link Flagpole Renewal Kit

Economically refurbish expensive flagpoles with low-cost VinylGuard. Your flagpoles will look better-than-new and will last years longer.

Getting Started

Quickly and easily apply VinylGuard with our economical high-temperature multi-purpose heat gun.

Factory-Assembled VinylGuard Covered Flagpoles and Fairway Markers

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